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After a Short Breather, Marian Renta Bites Back with New Single "Fangs"

Marian Renta is no stranger to breaks, having a decade-long hiatus in her history book. The current one was a short one, though, and only after pumping out three consecutive EPs and a few singles between them. Yesterday she wrapped up filming for the music video for her brand new single "Fangs", and she gears up for the single and music video's release February 3.

Traditionally the singer-songwriter persona with dark or sad vibes, Renta wants to brighten up the mood with a more energetic and dynamic sound. In the span of six months, Renta played in the studio day and night, and sought to adopt a sound that is more true to her personality and vocal abilities. Even after contemplating but ultimately foregoing collaborating with other producers, Renta managed to unearth a playful sound that bleeds R&B, electronic pop, and EDM trap. "Fangs", slated for release February 3, bridges these modern elements with a mid-90s atmosphere of hard snares, new jack swing beats, and bubblegum chords.

Shooting for the single's music video concluded yesterday, and is directed by Vlad Tipicidi, guitarist-composer for the progressive rock group Radiate. The video will premiere on Youtube on February 3 and will also be available for streaming on music streaming platforms like TIDAL and Apple Music.

While not a full-on retro track, there's still enough nostalgia in "Fangs" to satisfy the countless throngs of teens and young adults discovering and loving the synth grooves of 1995 for the first time as well as the 40-years-not-so-young generation who blasted "This Is How We Do It" from their Sanyo boomboxes while playing handball.

Presaving and preordering for "Fangs" begins January 27 and will be available everywhere, including Spotify and Apple Music, February 3. The single's music video, directed by Vlad Tipicidi, will premiere on Youtube the same day.


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