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Brand New Music Video for "Colorful Days" Premiering 7/1

Marian Renta on a beach wearing a white tunic during the music video shoot for Colorful Days in June of 2022.
Renta during the video shoot for "Colorful Days" music video. (John Sheridan / One 21 Productions)

Marian Renta gears up for the exciting upcoming premiere of her new music video "Colorful Days". Snatched from her new and latest EP Candy-coated Pill, the song is an emotional blend of sad breakup, hopeful optimism, and pop airiness dressed with silky, soulful vocals. The music video is slated for premiere July 1 via Youtube.

The video's shoot has concluded and the team has wrapped up the production phase. Directed by John Sheridan (One 21 Productions), "Colorful Days" is set on a picturesque beach surround by the breathtaking and ethereal beauty of the Long Island Sound in Glen Cove, New York. Regarding the shooting of the video, Renta states:

I was so anxious because the last time I did a video shoot on the beach, it went completely south. I remember it had started raining unexpectedly and there was so much rescheduling due to the constant summer rain that year. But shooting Colorful Days was a lovely experience that went smooth and great, aside from my showing up tragically late [giggles]. This video perfectly captures the mood and image of the song, and John has such a great eye, so I know fans and viewers will love and appreciate this music video.

"Colorful Days", taken from Renta's new EP Candy-coated Pill released in March, takes a subtle departure from the melancholic, brooding mood of her music to deliver a lively, slightly upbeat and airy tune that is both bittersweet and inspirational. The song centers around releasing false hopes of a reconciliation in a relationship and offers an alternative instead—to accept it's part of God's design and to summon your inner strength to be joyful again.

"Colorful Days" will premiere via Youtube on Friday, July 1 at 7:00 PM (EDT).


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