Marian Renta is a New York-based singer-songwriter, producer, and pianist who is driven by the need to stir emotions in people and tell a story through her music. With her unique vocal quality and intricate songwriting, she brandishes a natural flair for making ear-catching, thought-provoking music with experimental fixings. She serves as her own producer, and uses the impact of her personal experiences to cultivate a hybrid style of song characterized as ambient, emotional, melodic, rhythmic, and soulful. Her influences such as Mariah Carey and Deborah Cox bleed through her vocal performances at times, and her love for Tangerine Dream and P.M. Dawn reveals itself in her music's soundscape. After the experimental release of her debut album One of a Kind in 2011, Renta retreated from music, eventually returning in early 2021 with her delicately-crafted and positively-reviewed EPs Headfirst (January 2021) and Great Deep (July 2021).

Her latest EP Candy-coated Pill (released March 25, 2022) showcases an evolution in her sound stylings and vocal performance, and has fueled growth in her fanbase and public interest with songs like "Shot in the Dark" and "Candy-coated Pill". Her Official Artist Channel on Youtube has skyrocketed in viewership and subscriber base, and there is no indication of a slowdown. With her channel trailer amassing almost 100,000 views in less than a month, and a 1000% increase in subscribers, Renta is just aching to expand as an artist, and to embark on a journey towards breaking as a recording artist.


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CONTACT | (917) 275-7914