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Marian Renta is a NYC-based singer-songwriter, producer, and pianist with an obscene passion for crafting infectious music. From her penetrative lyrics, to her buttery tone and timbre, her talents are uniquely defined. Wearing all hats,  she takes reign even in the mixing room to cultivate the well rounded, color-splashed sound that showcases her unique identity and contributions as an artist. Renta heavily incorporates her lifechanging experiences in relationships and her complicated family dynamics into her music, layering her intricate melodies overtop. This is the essence of Marian Renta, and it is through this unique essence that she has drawn and resonated with an audience and continues on an upward trajectory.


Born in New York and raised in Virginia, she's been a musician her entire life, working in the studio in grade school, and dropping her first album in 2011 before obscuring to tend to earthly endeavors. She begat her return in 2021 with her Headfirst and Great Deep EPs that showcased her heartbreak. Her ballads like "May" and "Fragments" are forever cemented as gems in her body of work, landing on various Spotify editorial playlist, and oozing a melancholy that ravages the heart. Renta continues to evolve, expand, and rise to the challenge of not only competing with, but carving out her own unique platform in the independent music arena. Her first single of 2023 "Fangs" took the lead in her evolution from sulky grays to colorful, energetic soundscapes that burst with hope and love. Following up with "Serious", she sprinkled her sound with trap-EDM, and laced it with UK R&B to make a place for the song's unique electronic arrangements and soulful vocals. "Domingo" serves a tantalizingly ambient moment of sub-depression, and the grungy "Lovely Life" teaches us that God really is close to the broken-hearted and saves the crushed in spirit. As seasons and trends in pop continue to change, Marian Renta maintains a perspective and creative identity that is evergreen and authentic.

American singer-songwriter Marian Renta posing in black short sleeve t-shirt at sunset.
American singer-songwriter Marian Renta sitting in car with square earrings and white sleeveless shirt in summer of 2020.


reach out | (917) 275-7914
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