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Marian Renta is a NYC-based singer-songwriter, producer, and pianist with a remarkable gift for crafting infectious pop music from head to toe. It can start with writing slick lyrics on a coffee-stained envelope, soon to vibrate off her uniquely-toned vocal folds in her recording booth, eventually entering her mixing and mastering racks to get the sugary, punchy, color-slapped treatment that qualifies Billboard chart placement.


Her early ballads like "May" and "Fragments" are forever cemented as gems in her body of work,  oozing the singer-songwriter pain that assaults the heart, and inevitably landing on various Spotify editorial playlists. As all trailblazing artists do, she's evolving, expanding, and rising to the challenge of not only competing with, but infiltrating the mainstream pop arena. Her latest single "Fangs" takes the lead in her evolution from melancholy grays to a colorful, bright, energetic soundscape that bursts with sugar and punch; Dance pop! Sprinkled with trap-EDM, thinly glazed with 90s R&B, and lightly topped with bubblegum syrup; a style as unique and beautiful as her musical influences.

marian renta photoshoot 2023 rooftop green sweater



CONTACT | (917) 275-7914
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