New EP coming February

Dec 28 2021

I'm currently writing, producing, and recording material for a new EP. Things are on track for a February release. It's gonna have a slightly different sound and will be a little more upbeat; this EP will be a little more experimental.

Premiere of "Great Deep" music video!

Oct 29 2021

The official music video for "Great Deep" aired today and makes use of some muscle cars and joyriding to bring this song to life. The song has some Trap, R&B underpinnings, and there is nothing more Trap than a midnight run with a couple of FD RX7's!


Premiere of "Headfirst" music video!

Oct 8 2021

The official music video for "Headfirst" went live this morning and serves as the picturesque backdrop for the song I hold dear and true to my heart, my first song since my return to writing and recording.

      Shot on farm land in Copake, New York, we took a minimalist approach and allowed the music to take the lead in lieu of wild visual imagery most common these days. It felt like 1995 with my flannel and untamed wavy locks, engulfed in nature and fall season beauty. Many hiccups in the filming due to unpredictable New York weather, but all the worthwhile! 

"Headfirst" music video under way: Sneak peak :-)

Sep 30 2021

Currently shooting the video, and I must say it is so beautiful here!

Headfirst video snapshot.png

Website up and running!

July 8 2021

Check back shortly for news and updates :-)

Brand new EP "Great Deep" in stores now!

July 4 2021

I thought it would be fun and relevant to release "Great Deep" EP on 4th of July since making this mini album was a very liberating experience for me. It was an opportunity to indulge in my creative freedom and write four solid tracks that span across four genres of music.