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Marian Renta on a beach wearing a white tunic during the music video shoot for Colorful Days in June of 2022.
Renta during the video shoot for "Colorful Days" music video. (John Sheridan / One 21 Productions)

Marian Renta gears up for the exciting upcoming premiere of her new music video "Colorful Days". Snatched from her new and latest EP Candy-coated Pill, the song is an emotional blend of sad breakup, hopeful optimism, and pop airiness dressed with silky, soulful vocals. The music video is slated for premiere July 1 via Youtube.

The video's shoot has concluded and the team has wrapped up the production phase. Directed by John Sheridan (One 21 Productions), "Colorful Days" is set on a picturesque beach surround by the breathtaking and ethereal beauty of the Long Island Sound in Glen Cove, New York. Regarding the shooting of the video, Renta states:

I was so anxious because the last time I did a video shoot on the beach, it went completely south. I remember it had started raining unexpectedly and there was so much rescheduling due to the constant summer rain that year. But shooting Colorful Days was a lovely experience that went smooth and great, aside from my showing up tragically late [giggles]. This video perfectly captures the mood and image of the song, and John has such a great eye, so I know fans and viewers will love and appreciate this music video.

"Colorful Days", taken from Renta's new EP Candy-coated Pill released in March, takes a subtle departure from the melancholic, brooding mood of her music to deliver a lively, slightly upbeat and airy tune that is both bittersweet and inspirational. The song centers around releasing false hopes of a reconciliation in a relationship and offers an alternative instead—to accept it's part of God's design and to summon your inner strength to be joyful again.

"Colorful Days" will premiere via Youtube on Friday, July 1 at 7:00 PM (EDT).

Updated: May 16, 2022

The music video for "Candy-coated Pill" will premiere March 25 alongside the release of its parent EP from which the song derives its title. The music video will air on Youtube at 10AM, and is the second music from the Candy-coated Pill EP.

Marian Renta in the "Candy-coated Pill" music video
Marian Renta in the "Candy-coated Pill" music video

Last month saw the premiere of the "Shot in the Dark" music video coincide with the release of the single, which has gone on to amass thousands of streams on Spotify across several pop and EDM playlists.

Album cover for Candy-coated Pill EP by Marian Renta
Album cover for Candy-coated Pill

Singer-songwriter and producer Marian Renta is announcing the highly-anticipated release of her third EP entitled Candy-coated Pill arriving in stores March 25. The EP serves as the third installment in Renta’s growing body of work consisting of self-written ballads that fuse pop, alternative rock, and soul. Candy-coated

Pill comes fresh off the heels of The EP’s lead single and accompanying music video “Shot in the Dark” released last month. “Shot in the Dark” highlighted Renta’s creative expansion with the incorporation of EDM and alternative rock for a signature take on Indietronica. Her music is a unique hybrid of pop, rock, electronica, and soul with the enduring theme of heartbreak and emotional abandonment. Candy-coated Pill was entirely written and produced by Renta.

The EP is currently available for pre-save and pre-order on Spotify and Apple Music/iTunes. Regarding the EP, Renta states:

This mini-album is one story analyzed from five different angles. I listened to the EP in my car today from start to finish, and I fell in love with my own album for the first time. The reason is because, unlike the ‘Headfirst’ and ‘Great Deep’ EPs, ‘Candy-coated Pill’ explores the same situation through a different interpretation with each song. I dug deep and imagined how might five different people on the outside view my circumstances. This EP is so personal, almost to the point of invasive!

There will be a new music video premiering via Youtube the same day Candy-coated Pill hits stores on March 25. It will be the second music video to derive from the long-awaited EP.

As Renta’s third and upcoming EP’s release approaches, viewership on Renta’s official Youtube channel has skyrocketed, and the general anticipation is palpable, with her channel trailer amassing almost 100,000 views in less than a month.

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