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Marian Renta Premieres Exhilarating New Music Video "Colorful Days"

Image of Marian Renta in long sleeve white shirt on a beach in her "Colorful Days" music video

Marian Renta unveils vibrant new music video today in time for summer road trips and beach vibes! The new music video’s song, “Colorful Days”, is taken from the New York-based ambient pop singer’s newly released EP, Candy-coated Pill, released March earlier this year. The picturesque video premiered worldwide via Youtube and can be viewed here.

Regarding the song and its accompanying music video, Renta states:

"This song is about letting go of those beautiful memories and experiences that keep you shackled to a dead relationship that has lost all hope of recovery. It’s about admitting defeat in love and ripping off the band-aid, but also wanting to set the other person free from the responsibility of caring. You put on a front like you’re okay when you’re really not, you’re simply saving yourself. You trust that God has some hand in it all and that everything will be fine down the line. Releasing the stuff that feeds your false hopes can be sort of baptismal, like being submerged in water and coming out free and clean. I think the video captures this idea. I loved being on that gorgeous beach drenched in sun and fresh water during the filming. It cleansed something in me, and John was great to work with. Making this video was therapeutic for me.”

Directed and produced by John Sheridan (One 21 Productions), the video is shot along the shores of Glen Cove in New York on the North Shore of Long Island. It features Renta taking in the ocean breeze as she treads pensively along the scenic coast and sings to the tangerine sun. It is the third video to be released in a string of music videos derived from Renta’s Candy-coated Pill EP. February saw the release of the EP’s gritty lead single “Shot in the Dark” and its music video, followed by the premiere of the music video for the EP’s heart-tugging title-track the following month.

Written and produced by Renta, “Colorful Days” is part of an EP that seeks to experiment in the transition from a niche, alternative pop sound to a broader, brighter pop-soul sound. Sonically, “Colorful Days” is a mild departure from the brooding soundscape predominant in Renta’s music. Despite its subtle traces of melancholy, the song is refreshingly enwrapped in a breezy, ambient backdrop and slightly upbeat mood.

The new “Colorful Days” music video can be viewed here, and is available for streaming on Spotify here. The new EP Candy-coated Pill is available for streaming and downloading on all music services including Spotify and Apple Music here.


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