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Marian Renta Serves Up Some Subtle Ambience with New Release 'Domingo'

Single cover art for 'Domingo' by Marian Renta released April 28, 2023.
Cover for new single "Domingo" by Marian Renta

In the name of relaxation, Marian Renta opts to simmer things down in sultry ambient fashion with the release of her new single "Domingo" today. After two back-to-back energized dance tracks "Fangs" and "Serious", Renta cools down with a new single that speaks simply and softens the edges with understated electronic-pop nuances. Written and produced by Renta, "Domingo" is in stores now, and it can also be streamed via the official lyric video that released today as well.

P.M. Dawn
P.M. Dawn (source: Steve Eichner/Getty)

Renta took to the drawing board and broke down the elements that foster a light and airy soundscape. Pulling from her influences fueled by artists such as P.M. Dawn and Yazoo (think "Only You"), Renta crafted a sound narrative that easily marries lyrics conveying a sense of languishing and lethargy. Regarding the song's mood, Renta expounds:

"I wanted to express those feelings that don't quite qualify as depression, but are not happy either. It's that place we sometimes find ourselves in when it's still technically the weekend, but you're bummed because you have to go back to work tomorrow. This obviously happens on Sunday, and I think Sunday blues are an understated phenomenon. It's no big deal, and I wasn't trying to concoct some massive pop ballad with a whole band and orchestra, so I kept it simple. I definitely didn't want a music video for it. It's more of an excuse to make a play on words and write about things not many singers write about, like letting the dishes pile up because you're too out of it to wash them, or having mice in your apartment, or needing a dose of affection from some guy just to give you the pep in your step needed to just get out of the bed."

"Domingo" is the Spanish word for Sunday, and Renta uses the word as a homonym for the male name Domingo, also the name of the love interest eluded to in the song. Written from the perspective of someone close to her, the song is an attempt by Renta to enter into the headspace of someone outside of herself and present an experience from someone else's vantage point. The song's production takes a similar route, and it uses an uncommon chord progression and melody, also giving way to different sounds and foreign elements to create a soundscape that is unique and interesting, but still catchy and soulful.


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