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Marian Renta Sets Spring in Motion on Saint Patty's with New Single + Video 'Serious'

Cover art for Serious single by Marian Renta released March 17, 2023.
"Serious" single by Marian Renta

An unusually warm Spring in March is the perfect setting in which to drop an EDM banger, and drop Marian Renta did, her new single and music video "Serious" today. Set upon a slightly 80s urbanesque beat and laced with rhythmic electronic flavoring, "Serious" ushers in the season of love as a track about two friends accidentally stepping into the love zone. Written and produced by Renta, "Serious" is now available on all streaming platforms, and the music video premiered on Youtube along with Apple Music and TIDAL, among other video platforms.

Marian Renta posing in green sweater during photoshoot in January of 2023.

Written in late 2022, "Serious" was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek song with dirty humor and clever lines. The initial draft of the lyrics contained brow-raising lines that reference public masturbation and date rape. Originally titled 'Bad Type', the song began as a cautionary tale of the dangers of dating bad men written in a blunt and sarcastic tone. As writing and producing progressed, Renta's sentiments changed as she opted for a lighter and fun message that doesn't act as a wet blanket over dating and going out in the world. "Serious" underwent many transformations during its production as well, and as Renta purports, it wasn't easy to commit:

I absolutely could not get it together when it came to this song's production. It actually started out as an early 2000s kind of sound; I wanted to play around and revive that fun club sound of 2004 in a subtle way, but it just sounded dated. There was nothing new or dynamic. It took months of playing around with the drums, changings melodies, swapping instruments, and even vocal re-records. It was like I had the whole song stuck in my head, and I was so in love with it, but I couldn't get it out; it was like being creatively constipated. Then it finally came together. There is one particular draft of 'Serious' that I really love, and after not hearing it for a while, I realized how amazing it is. I would love to release it as an alt. version type single some time. It's rougher and more R&B; less glits and glam, more beat knock.

Marian Renta during the Serious music video in 2023.

In zany fashion, the music video for Marian Renta's "Serious" showcases Renta as a city girl in a city world. Dripping with care-free urbanity, "Serious" documents Renta as she treks aimlessly and mischievously through lower Manhattan. The visuals burst with quick intercut shots that capture Renta expressing her playful and charismatic side as she sings of the excitement over her male bestie creeping out the friendzone to their surprise. The video's aesthetic is natural yet in your face, and you can't help but be reminded of a time when Pop was actually fun, clean, and organic. Directed by FOS, the stylish music video is crafted so as to shed light on Renta's natural self: Smiling, dancing, and mingling freely. Her roots in R&B and Dance are on full display, and she showcases her authenticity right in her own natural habitat on the grimy streets of New York City.


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