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Marian Renta Finally Shows Some Teeth: Smiles & Styles with New Single and Video "Fangs"

Marian Renta hugging a pink stuffed bear in the music video for her song Fangs. January 2023.
Marian Renta in the "Fangs" music video

Marian Renta is finally having some fun as she she abandons her sad girl vibes and takes a peppier route. The new single "Fangs" hit stores today, and its vibrant, retro music video premiered on Youtube, bringing the song's catchy, energetic anthem to greater heights. 'Get aggressive, snatch my heart, and let me see your fangs' sounds like a line from a werewolf horror film, but within the song's context, it breaks the ice and signals men to catch up and keep up with the working women of today.

Cover art for Fangs single by Marian Renta released February 3, 2023.
The cover to Renta's single "Fangs"

The end of 2022 came and went, but Renta was living, eating, and sleeping in the studio, chasing a soundscape that is more true to her personality and vocal abilities. Even after contemplating but ultimately foregoing bringing on some for-hire producers, Renta slid into her own personal groove, a playful sound that bleeds R&B, electronic pop, and EDM trap. "Fangs" effortlessly bridges these modern elements with a mid-90s atmosphere of hard snares, new jack swing beats, and bubblegum chords. Regarding "Fangs", Renta stated previously:

"I'm in such a great place right now, and I have this amazing freedom that is rarely mentioned in my music. I love my ballads and dark stuff, but I love dance tunes more. Last summer it dawned on me that I rarely listen to my own music in the car, and it's because I like to dance, feel good, and sing loudly while on trips. I couldn't do that to my own music, and that was when I knew something had to change. I love disco, club music, R&B, freestyle, house, and EDM. Dance and pop have always been my music of choice since birth. My dad was a DJ and it's all he listened to when I was growing up. Somehow I let a little relationship drama make me forget that, so I made an overhaul not only to my sound, by my image as well. I like flannel, but I love pink more. Fangs is just that; it's my pink. It's a song that accurately shows how I naturally sing, and what I naturally listen to for enjoyment."

The music video for "Fangs" was directed by Vlad Tipicidi, guitarist-composer for the progressive rock group Radiate. Tipicidi was sought after Renta saw the music video for the band's song "Missing Stitches" off their latest album Detached. She wanted the "Fangs" video to have a similar energy and grit, while retaining a playful color wheel and shine. As the song tastefully does, the video for "Fangs" flawlessly captures the exuberance of youth: Spontaneous, colorful, and energetic. (Continue reading about the Fangs music video here)

While not a full-on retro track, there's still enough nostalgia in "Fangs" to satisfy the countless throngs of teens and young adults discovering and loving the synth grooves of 1995 for the first time as well as the 40-years-not-so-young generation who blasted "This Is How We Do It" from their Sanyo boomboxes while playing handball.

"Fangs" is available everywhere, including Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL.


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